Lumineers, Empress Veneers and Elite Veneers

In dentistry, a veneer is a thin layer of restorative material placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, modify the shade, size and anatomy or to protect a damaged or weak tooth surface before it breaks. The main type of material used to fabricate a veneer, is porcelain. The beauty result of a porcelain veneer can only be created by a detailed and non invasive tooth preparation by a Cosmetic Dentist.


                                                 Veneers on the Study Model for patient presentation                          Front and Back view  

                                          Veneers on the Study Model for patient presentationVeneers presentation    Front and Back view of dental veneers


I. Clinical Case. Actual patient of Dr. Celis

Diagnosis: 29 years old male patient with extensive decayed and gross poor fillings done years ago in the upper front teeth showing leakage and discoloration.

Treatment plan: Elite veneers prepared on the front upper teeth. Gum Laser done on the rigth tooth in order to create same gum level and tooth height with the adjacent one.

                                 before veneersbefore veneersveneer examination


                                             veneers placed and bonded                       after dental veneers                        

                                                                     Veneers bonded                                                                  A winner Smile!


II. Clinical Case. Actual patient of Dr. Celis

Diagnosis: 41 years old female patient with severe worn down enamel on the upper front six  teeth. Patient has severe sensitivity to air and cold due to lack of enamel.

Treatment plan: Empress Veneers prepared on the upper six front teeth. Patient had Zoom plus whitening one week before teeth preparation.

                                              before dental veneers in milpitasmilpitas before dental veneersveneers in milpitas


                                            after milpitas veneers placed             milpitas veneers dentist             

                                                                          Veneers bonded                                                          Teeth and Bite restored


Here at MHD * Before the teeth preparation for porcelain veneers is set, a mock up in wax is created for the patient in order to visualize the size, shape,shade and contour of the veneers. Then at the preparation appointment a Face Bow registration with a bite registration is taken in order to determine the exact relation of tooth size with respect to the jaw of the patient. A series of intraoral and extraoral digital image photography is recorded and transfer to our Smile Analysis chart.. Drs. Celis have received extensive training in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry.  

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