Bone Grafting and GBR


What is a Bone Graft?

Today in Dentistry, there are effective techniques that can prevent or greatly reduce the bone and soft tissue ( gum ) loss that always occurs with tooth extraction. Bone grafting is a simple procedure your certified dentist can perform in the office. It involves placing grafting ( bone ) material directly into the site following removal of a tooth or three weeks after if the tooth was infected with an abscess. The graft- a safe, biocompatible material - aids the body in preserving existing bone and making new bone ( osseointegration )

bone grafting treatment

What is GBR ?

GBR or Guided Bone Regeneration, is a procedure where a membrane is placed over the bone graft material. This membrane provides for an enviromental that is conductive to bone regeneration. One of the membrane functions is to exclude scar tissue from the area where bone is being regenerated. After the membrane, sutures are placed to hold it with the soft tissue.

Patients Advantages:

* Preserves facial ( the outside part ) bone structure and gums.

* Preserves lingual ( the inside part ) bone structure and gums.

* Assists the body in healing itself.

* Better appearance. Prevents the shrinkage of the gums.

* Better fitting of dental prostheses, exe Bridges.

* Prepares the site for a future Dental Implant.

* Simple procedure done with local anesthecia in the dental office.


                                            bone after tooth removal   bone grafting site   membrane placement 

                                             Bone after tooth removal       Bone Grafting the site       Membrane placement

                                            sutures placed   dental implant   site is restored with a crown

                                                   Sutures placed                  Dental Implant            Site is restored with crown

                                                       * The illustrative drawings above belong to ACESurgical from " A patient's guide to Bone Grafting"


What to Expect after Bone Grafting and Membrane placement.

After the porcedure, your body should begin the natural process of healing and forming new bone. Follow your doctor's instructions in caring for the grafted site and surrounding gum tissue. Although new bone will begin to form within the first few weeks after grafting, several months may be required to form the bone density necessary for additional dental porcedures such as Dental Implants to be performed.

Clinical Case: 45 years old male patients presents upper left molar tooth broken and severe decayed.

Diagnosis: Tooth is non restorable.

Treatment plan: Upper molar tooth is going to be extracted, bone grafting and membrane immediately upon tooth removal. Four months later, a Dental Implant is going to be placed and the missing gap restored with a crown loaded on the implant.

 Prognosis: Succesful

                                         non restorable molar  tooth extracted  bone grafting

                                                Non restorable molar                 Tooth is extracted                       Bone Grafting


* x-rays shown above are from actual patient of Drs. Celis

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