LAVA Crowns


The Beauty of  Lava  crowns and bridges

In Dentistry, when a tooth is broken, severely discolored, had a existing defective crown with open margins, perforations,decay underneath, had a root canal treatment, is severely decayed or had leaking around an  exisiting filing, an indirect restoration also called a crown or bridge is needed. The restoration is fitted over the original tooth that the dentist has prepped and then cemented or bonded. The right restoration will look,feel and last like your natural teeth.

What materials can be used for a crown or bridge?

Metal: alloy of metals with either silver or gold apperance.  The traditional restoration used for decades in the1960's and 1970's.

Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal or PFM, is a porcelain layer covering an underlying metal structure. Comes closer to the look of a real tooth  than the full metal crown. Metal substructure however limits translucency sometimes resulting in crowns looking DULL and LIFELESS with opaque appearance. 

LAVA: is a crown that achieves the beauty and translucency of natural teeth. Produces strong durable restoration thanks to the underlying Zirconium Oxide substructure. It is the restoration of choice for those who have concerns about metal in the mouth and are looking for a restoration that is strong, natural and beautiful looking.

IPS e-max, is a strong crown made of lithium dilisicate, able to withstand stresses five times higher of those in the mouth. And because it is metal-free, the aesthetic result is a beautiful and natural looking restoration

Precision computer design ensures Lava restorations fit perfect at the margins, and also it feels natural and comfortable. Lava restorations have all the support and guarantee of  3M ESPE ,  all lava restorations came with a 3M ESPE Certificate


                                             dental restorations in milpitasexamining lava crownscrown restoration in milpitas        

                                             before & after lava crownsbefore and after lava crownslava crowns closeup 

                                 dental crown mouldlava crowntesting the lava crownplacing a lava crown

                                       lava crown closeuplava crown moulded to your teethexamining the lava crown closeup

                                         lava dental crownlava crown closeuplava crown


                                                           Lava porcelain crown        VS.       Porcelain-metal Crown

                                                  lava porcelain crownporcelain metal crown


                                                                        Lava Crowns by Dr. Celis, Milpitas Office

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