LASER for your gums

laser dentist in milpitas  EZlase 940 nm

A New Standard in Diode Lasers From The World Leader in Dental Lasers

The Ezlase was created by Biolase with one objective in mind: to make soft tissues procedures succesful for dentists and comfortable for patients. Its unique ComfortPulse settings deliver short, high power cutting pulses with longer intervals for tissue thermal relaxation, which provide both efficient cutting and greater patient comfort with less anesthetic and less antibiotic dosage.

Ezlase is indicated for a full array of gum treatment including:

Scaling and root planning ( deep cleaning )

When used immediately after deep cleaning, the diode laser wavelength penetrates deep into the pockets eliminating and killing bacteria that causes gum inflammation and bleeding. At the same time its precision cutting tip removes diseased tissue, thus increasing and favoring the process of gum re-attachment to the root surface. Ezlase used in conjuction with deep cleaning treatment accelerates and stimulates the healing process at the bottom of the periodontal pocket  faster and painlessly.

Exposure of unerupted teeth

When the permanent dentition can not normally erupt due to the thickness of a fibrotic gum.


It is the procedure used to remove the frenum. The buccal frenum is a thick ligament located above the front upper teeth. When it is located too close to the teeth, it can produce a gap in between the teeth and also impair proper language pronunciation. ( see photos below of our 13 years old patient ) 

Gum Smile Analysis

To correct the gummy smile or to increase the length of the teeth.


It is the procedure used to remove the gum tissue that is partially overlapping the wisdom tooth. The tissue around the wisdom tooth is usually inflamed due to the presence of  food debris and plaque.

For the treatment of Canker sores

herpetic lesions or apthous ulcers in the oral mucosa.

To desensitize teeth


                                                          Labial frenum                                             Using the Soft tissue laser

                                    labiel frenummilpitas soft tissue laser labial frenum

                                                Labial frenum is removed                                   two days after the removal   

                                    milpitas laser dentist patientmilpitas laser dentistry


"The results that we are achieving incorporating Ezlase in conjuction with our deep cleaning procedures are fascinating and comforting. In only a few days you can see the gum come back to its normal and healthy state: pink, firm and non bleeding."  Drs. Celis


                                  gentle laser dentist in milpitaspainfree dental treatment in milpitasmilpitas laser dentist


"Montague Hills Dentistry: always innovating technology for excellence in dentistry. "

Drs. Celis



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